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Important information about laying a plaque, researching and publishing data:
1. Laying a plaque:
The stumbling block, which is later embedded in the sidewalk in front of the victim’s last freely chosen address, is inscribed with the words “… LIVED HERE”. Possible exceptions are “… STUDIED HERE” or “… TAUGHT HERE”. It is therefore important to research the victim’s last address and forward the information to the Stolpersteine für Dresden e.V. association. The following data is required for the inscription on a plaque:

  • first name, last name (if applicable: birth name/maiden name)
  • date of birth
  • year and destination of deportation
  • information about the person’s fate.

The victim’s fate can be described as “DEAD” or “MURDERED”. Unknown fates are marked by three question marks: “???”. For suicides, we prefer to use the phrase “ESCAPE INTO DEATH”. (We do not use the term “missing”.) If a building no longer exists, the plaque is laid in an outstanding position in front of the old address. Some house numbers may have changed over time. In this case, an inquiry at the land registry office (Katasteramt) in Dresden will help you find out the current number.
2. Publishing researched information:
For the plaque inscription, information must be gathered about each victim. We would also like to publish a short summary of that data on our homepage, in order to allow the public to learn more about the persons and fates commemorated by the stumbling blocks. Therefore, we ask every successful researcher to provide us with a short life story (preferably via email or the contact form at
3. Consent of the victim’s descendants:
Consent of the victim’s closest living descendants is required for the laying of a plaque and to publish the summary of their life story. If the stumbling block is not sponsored by close family, it is therefore also necessary to find and contact the victim’s descendants and ask for their permission.